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What We Provide

  • Coaching and Pastoral Care
    One on one or small group, helping identify and label issues and set goals for moving forward.


  • Restorative Groups
    Small groups for men and women addressing various issues (e.g. sexual abuse, anger, spiritual abuse, loss, forgiveness, divorce, addictions, etc). We plan to offer groups for teens in the future. See Restorative Group page for current listing of groups.

       A variety of formats is planned, covering a spectrum of formats, focuses, and durations.

  • Education and Training of Clergy and Ministry Leaders
    Training for both clergy and lay ministers regarding domestic abuse.


  • Art Program
    Host an art center where various mediums can be used for processing and healing. Eventually provide an outlet for marketing artwork. (Please note: This program is currently being developed)


  • Life/Job Skills Training Program
    Life and/or job skills training, using a reputable curriculum, such as “Jobs for Life”, to teach purpose and work ethic, combined with on-the-job skills training. (Please note: This program is currently being developed)


  • Resources for Domestic Violence Victims
    Provide resources for victims including a recovery small group, support group and in the future a network of safe emergency housing for those who are fleeing abuse. (Please note: This program is currently being developed)


  • Temporary Housing/Resources for Houseless Individuals
    Provide a shelter where clients commit to enroll in various classes and job search (modeled after My Father’s House in Gresham, OR). (Please note: This program is currently being developed)

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