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Meet Our Team

Jeanette Danielian
Jeanette Danielian - Life Coach/Mentoring

     Jeanette is the founder and former Executive Director of Restore My Soul Ministries.  She holds a M.A. in Ministry and Leadership, with an emphasis in Pastoral Care to Women, from Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon. Jeanette also has a B.S. in Physical Education from Western Oregon University.

     Jeanette’s dream of teaching physical education and coaching became a reality early in her adulthood. However, it didn’t take long for her to realize that chasing win/loss records was not where she found purpose. Jeanette moved her “coaching” off the court to pursue teaching, training leadership, and mentoring through Bible Study Fellowship International, the local church, and retreat speaking.

     Having been on her own healing journey from legalism and life’s wounding, Jeanette developed a passion for helping people in distress find the grace and truth God offers and the freedom that follows. Through ministry and her exposure to those experiencing poverty, homelessness and domestic violence, her compassion and desire to minister to the wounded and weary led to forming the non-profit Restore My Soul Ministries in 2017.

     Jeanette and her husband since 1979, Robert, raised two adopted children who are now adults. Their rocky journey through foster care, adoption and mental health challenges has served to equip her with empathy and strengthen her faith.

     Robert became disabled following a severe medical crisis, requiring more and more care on a daily basis. In order to be available to serve him, Jeanette resigned as RMSM Executive Director in August of 2021. In her “retirement”, Jeanette now spends her extra time life coaching, mentoring and writing on a volunteer basis through RMSM.

Board President
Jodie Pearce - Domestic Violence Team Leader

Jodie has an Associate’s Degree and work history in Administrative Services, as well as bookkeeping experience.  Currently she runs her own 4 year-old business as a dog trainer.  Jodie has personal past experiences as a survivor of domestic violence, and through the healing and restoration of God’s grace, is now blessed with the hope for a future free from abuse and full of love. Jodie lives in Dallas with her husband of 17 years and their one child on a small farm with lots of animals, including 4 dogs, 4 cats, cows, goats, chickens, and a donkey. Jodie loves grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, nature, animals, hiking, and cross stitch.  Armed with the recovery of her past abusive experience and training in group leadership, for the past 6 years Jodie has been volunteering her time supporting victims of abuse on their path to restoration.  Previously, she served several years as President of the Board of Restore My Soul Ministries,

Vicki Pope
Vicki Pope - Restorative Groups Team Leader, Board Treasurer

    Vicki has a B.S. in Health Education with a minor in Sports Leadership, and further vocational training in Business Administration. Vicki has worked as a Membership and Business Office Assistant at the Salem Family YMCA, assisted in the operation of a family-owned trucking business over the last 28 years and is currently employed as the Asst. Manager of Van Well Building Supply. Vicki has also served on a homeschool board of directors for 13 years and as a member of a 4H Expressive Arts committee at the state level for 7 years.

    Vicki is a survivor of a variety of childhood trauma and was raised in a foster home the last 8 years of her childhood. Vicki is married to her husband of 31 years and has 3 adult children. Vicki has attended and serves on the leadership team for recovery ministry classes at her church, which include the areas of co-dependence, depression, food addictions and sexual abuse. Through this ministry, Vicki found God’s grace which enabled her to grasp his unconditional love for her. Vicki finds great joy in encouraging others toward the awareness of God’s love for them and to embrace their unique giftedness and design created by Him.

Tammy Headshot 10.8.2021 (2).PNG
Tammy Noon, Board Secretary

Tammy is the co-owner of a small business that provides legal support to Oregon attorneys and business planning services to small businesses and non-profit organizations.  Drawing from her own personal experiences with domestic violence and abuse early in her life, Tammy is now active in community organizations that provide safety to those experiencing domestic violence or child abuse, and that also provide awareness of these issues to the community.  Tammy now shares a God-filled, abuse free life with her husband and best friend of 29 years, enjoying the blessing of Family, especially their five grandchildren.

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Becky Widmer, Interim Board President

     Becky has a B.A. in English and minor in Linguistics along with a background in banking, real estate, and administrative support. She has helped run several family businesses, and for the last decade has been part of a construction company's office team. Work outside home was part-time during the 17 years she homeschooled her 3 children, and like many parents, she nearly drowned in the privilege of volunteer leadership for kids programs. While working with kids and parents in a variety of educational and social contexts, she experienced in herself and others what the pressure cooker of life can “cook out of you,” and dreamed about a local space/network where anyone in any situation could find community, learn & practice all types of skills and tools for more successes in life and family, and hopefully find some healing from life’s wounds.

     Becky grew up in commonplace family and church dysfunction. Participation in restorative groups helped re-awaken the transformative concept that God likes us humans, with no tinge of obligation or mere tolerance, and we are wanted as we are, the whole package. This awareness enlarged the possibility for authentic freedom and shame-free living, a linchpin for new growth and health. 

     Progressing in recovery is ongoing and non-linear. It is an unspeakably great gift that the relationships Becky shares with her husband of 31 years and their adult children, as well as her own siblings, are tremendously vital and dear, when family history could have dictated otherwise. Her desire is for others to grasp the Grace that facilitates this reality, and she is honored to volunteer in endeavoring to help create a local hub for practical, spiritual, and emotional growth toward that end.

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