Domestic Violence Education and Training

Calling All Faith Based Staff Leaders & Influencers!

February 29, 2020 from 9:00-12:00

Location: Trinity Lutheran Church, Dallas

Taught from a Christian perspective by:

Stacey Womack, Founder & Director of ARMS



Who should attend:

+ All Pastors & Church staff

+ Lay leaders in Small Groups

+ Any community member interested in DV awareness


Why you should attend:

- There are DV victims sitting in every church

- Learn to recognize the different forms of abuse

- Why should you believe her?

- #metoo#wetoo#churchtoo What can we learn from these?

~Refreshments provided~

Donations Appreciated!

We also will develop a list of resources for clergy and ministry leaders to refer to when they encounter a domestic abuse situation.

We plan to write and distribute domestic violence policies that can be adopted by churches and provide ongoing training resources for church leadership. RMSM is passionate about increasing awareness among faith-based organizations for this distressed and wounded population.