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"He restores my Soul"

Our "restorative" groups are for people who are stuck in unhealthy behaviors, relationships, emotionally and/or spiritually. Restorative groups help us go beyond labeling our unhealthy patterns as "just the way I am", to becoming honest about our wounds, fears, and weaknesses. They are for people who are weary of trying to hold it together, who are ready for their "soul to be restored" and to start a healing journey by gaining new insights, skills, and resources. (Most groups include reading a chapter and answering workbook questions.) 

  • We offer groups for women, men and co-ed

  • There is a $20 materials/participation fee per group

  • Groups meet at The Nest (Bambinos Office) unless otherwise indicated.

           322 Main Street, Suite 326 - Dallas, OR

           (Across from the Hong Kong restaurant)

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Current Groups:

Her Journey (Women's Group) – Domestic abuse is a pattern of behaviors used to gain and maintain power and control in an intimate relationship. This group is for women who are ready to embrace the truth about their experience, whether current or long ago. Re-gain your confidence, voice and identity while finding hope and healing. (No fee - donations welcome)

When: Ongoing, meets weekly

*Call Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services at their main office in Beaverton for details and to register

(503-846-9284) but group meets locally.

Hope in the Fast Lane

For people who have been unable to control compulsive behaviors or thoughts and find themselves anxious, feeling alone, and with questions as to why they can't make consistent change and experience deep peace. 

Women's Group

When: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm

Begin: Jan 22 End: Apr 15

Location: The Nest at Bambinos


 Living in the Truth That God Loves Me 

Do you believe God loves others but give up trying to believe that God loves you? Or have you thought, "In my head I know God loves me, but I can't get past feeling like He doesn't really?" This group will uncover the reasons for this and help you start living in freedom of the truth.

Women's Group

When: Wednesdays, 9:30-11:00 am

Begin: Jan 22  End: Apr 1

Location: Grace Church, Dallas

Forgiving Others: What it is, and What it's not

Hurt and betrayal are real, leaving us with wounds we cannot forget. But the growing resentment and hate are also real, leaving us stuck and feeling entrapped. This group explores the why, what and hows of forgiving in ways to bring freedom.

Women's Group

When: Mondays, 6:30-8:00 pm

Begin: Jan 20  End: Mar 31

Location: The Nest at Bambinos

Hurting Moms

Join this support group if your teen or adult child is making poor choices, has become estranged from your family, is living in a way that could ultimately lead to his or her destruction or is causing chaos in other ways. Find strength, hope, healing and peace by listening and learning that you are not alone.

Small amount of optional weekly homework in our workbook.

When: Wednesdays, 12-1:15 pm

Begin: Jan 22  End: Apr 1

Location: The Nest at Bambinos

Family Grace (Co-ed Group)

A faith-based support group for family and friends of those who are experiencing mental health difficulties.

When: On Hold


Current statistics reveal that 1 out of every 5 adults (18.6%) suffers with a mental disorder in a given year. In adolescents, ages 13-18, it is even greater than adults, at 21.4%. (National Institute of Mental Health 2016) Mental illness carries a great deal of stigma and shame in our culture and causes confusion in our faith communities. Mixed messages are given as to the cause and the solution, including personal sin, a lack of faith/belief, demonic possession or influence, or “it’s all in your head” reactions. A diagnosis of mental illness often leaves family members and friends confused, frustrated, isolated and hopeless.

Our desire is to provide a faith-based safe place for family members and friends of those experiencing mental health difficulties to find understanding and support. This will be a lesson-directed group using a curriculum published by Grace Alliance (

Soul-food - You feed your stomach with food, but what do you feed your soul? We try to fill our hungry soul with things or people, which brings some satisfaction but only for a while. You are invited to
join a community where we share our journeys, hurts and celebrations, while feeding our souls with lasting, satisfying truth from God's Word. (No fee for Soul-food)


When: TBD - watch for future dates
Location: The Nest
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